Top 12 Tom Hardy Movies

Known for his amazing acting skills, Tom Hardy received the attention of the public in 2001 with his first role in ‘Band of Brothers’, a war drama miniseries.
Over the next few years, Tom Hardy managed to star in lots of films and TV projects. He received more fame and attention after the release of Inception in 2010, helmed by the talented director Christopher Nolan.

Then, after the success of Inception, Tom Hardy got ranked as one of the most reliable and brilliant actors in the business.
He acted in one of the top grossing movies, which managed to earn millions all over the globe.
These movies were voted as the best Tom Hardy movies by the audience present beyond the horizon.

Tom Hardy Top 12 Movies:

Here are the top 12 Tom Hardy movies, which would make you love the versatility of this actor:

12. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)


Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) on IMDb

Star Trek: Nemesis came in as a challenge to Tom Hardy, as he was suffering from a lot of battles before and after this film.
Hardy had to put up with all of his energy into the role that he was assigned, the villainous character of Shinzon.
He had to focus a lot in order to give his level best, so he worked for around 17 hours every day to achieve the required goal.

So, the role that he was assigned comes with a twist into the storyline of the movie, which tells the audience that he spent all of his life in the mines.
Thus, according to the reviews, Tom Hardy represents the ‘terrific and ‘out of his constituent’ element of his role extremely well, and his performance was one of the reasons why a huge audience was interested in watching the film.


11. Legend (2015)


Legend (2015) on IMDb

Legend is well-known because of the role of Tom Hardy as the Gangster Twins, Ronnie and Reggie Kray.
The tight suits of the (Tom Hardy) twins, the admirable rides and the tuneful hits are one of the core reasons for the success of this movie.
His performance in the movie confuses the audience as it is hard to believe that it is one man who is depicting the talent of two, with a combination of sarcasm and violence.

The role of a gangster biopic does not seem to trouble Hardy in any manner, as he is capable of adapting himself well to such roles in a flawless manner.
The genre of the film is crime fiction and thriller, which is thought to be the best genre for the acting skills of Tom Hardy, as such genres have the ability to complement his vulnerable acting skills.
Therefore, Legend became an ultimate hit of its time because of the presence of these two astonishing characters, performed by a single actor with charismatic acting skills, Tom Hardy.


10. Bronson (2008)


Bronson (2008) on IMDb

The movie takes on a strikingly terrifying purity, with a raw physicality presented through the character of Tom Hardy.
The versatile actor presents the rage of his character in a sleek form, as he has previously done a lot of gangster films.
Most of the scenarios performed by Hardy are beyond belief, for instance when he leaps naked about his cell, jumps from tables, crashing and dashing onto a dozen guards, with absolutely no pain or harm at all. He is shown to be physically fearless and unsettling psychologically.

The movie would surely make you wince as you watch these scenes, with Tom Hardy as a mischief prisoner.
However, these actions cannot be called insane at all, as he repeats most of these actions while expecting the similar results each time.
So, it is heedless to say that Tom Hardy is none other than a daredevil according to his role in this movie.


9. Locke (2013)


Locke (2013) on IMDb

Tom Hardy gives ultimately the best performance of his career in the movie, Locke.
The actor proves his ground by acting in a minor key with the compelling portrait of the man, who is in transit and crisis.
The facilities in the movie are limited to the interior of Tom Hardy’s car, and the other characters are only heard via speakerphone.
Locke was a minimalist exercise in film making and casting an actor like Tom Hardy made their experience worth the while.

It is quite a challenging situation for any actor to play a role that is confined to a car.
Even in the presence of a restricted environment and scene of action, Tom Hardy keeps the audience engrossed within the story of the film, regardless of the limited access.
However, this cinematic experiment turned out to be an overall success.


8. The Drop (2014)


The Drop (2014) on IMDb

The first thing that every critic said about this film was ‘Man! That Tom Hardy can act!’ Tom Hardy’s restrained skilled performance and the unwitting crooked schemes of the actor as a bartender is what makes the movie highly absorbing and is the core reason for the element of thriller in the movie.

The Hardy manages to adjust comfortably with this crime fiction, and keeps up the job of keeping the audience in suspense all along.
He brings about the atmosphere of working with passivity while delaying the moment of confrontation of truth, as well as simultaneously without turning the view of the audience against him in any way.


7. Lawless (2012)

Lawless (2012) on IMDb

Lawless is somewhat similar to the genre and basic theme of Killer Joe.
The character played by Tom Hardy, Forrest Bondurant, is contentedly a revolving personality, who seems to change once he falls in love with Maggie.
Nevertheless, Hardy keeps up the atmosphere of mumbling thugs, which is largely inspired by the real life tales.
The presence of a notorious crime wave is a must for Tom Hardy movies.
When the movie was released, it was said that the acting is the core element that saved this film from drowning.

However, the movie is based on actual events adapted from real life, and as always, Tom Hardy puts up with his best performance in whatever character he is required to play.
The movie was saved on the box office because of the beautifully filming technique and of course, the remarkable acting skills of all the actors, which makes it hard to resist.


6. Dunkirk (2017) “post-production”

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The highly anticipated Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk, an epic war movie, has managed to create a lot of hype.
The story line and teaser suggests that the movie is featuring the authentic look as the allied troops of soldiers prepare themselves to fight for freedom and power.

Yet again, the audience has a lot of expectations from their favorite actor, Tom Hardy, as he never seems to disappoint his fans.
On the other hand, Dunkirk is composed of a highly gripping and strong story with the mixture of creative development. The Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan fans have their fingers crossed for this movie.


5. The Revenant (2015)


The Revenant (2015) on IMDb

The Revenant is known to be the most captivating movie of the year 2015.
Tom Hardy acts as John Fitzgerald, who is an impulsive member of the drastically damaged hunting party. There were scores of somewhat logistical challenges from the unpredictable Mother Nature.
From his unconventional methods of keeping things light on set, to the ultimate realistic depiction of his character in the movie, Tom Hardy managed to secure his name in the prestigious Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor (2015).

Fitzgerald was the type of a character whose nature is somewhat similar to the characters that Hardy has played in his previous movies, for instance, the aggressiveness, the physically imposing factor, the arrogance, the tolerance, and so much more.
Yet, Tom Hardy is always keen on finding innovative methods of presenting these features again and again, without any conventional pattern in mind whatsoever.


4. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) on IMDb

Mad Max: Fury Road is yet another exhilarating action and surprising movie, with Tom Hardy as Max Rockantansky, the iconic Mad Max.
The film managed to maintain the level of energy and takes it a level further with Hardy’s exceptional performance.
Mad Max sets a wild and unrelenting picture of the world, with multiple hints of humor present to give a comic relief to the audience.

Tom Hardy acts as a survivor and completely indulges himself within the nature of the character (Mad Max), so as to depict the character in its true form.
Most people suggested that this movie was even better than the first part of Mad Max, which is mainly due to the presence of Tom Hardy.
The strong hold of the actor creates a quite dense atmosphere in the movie, as in most of his other films, since Tom Hardy is known for the intensity he puts into his roles.


3. Warrior (2011)


Warrior (2011) on IMDb

The die-hard Tom Hardy fans should know that Tom Hardy actually had to follow a specially designed workout and diet for his character in the film Warrior, as he strived to become a brutal Mixed Martial Arts fighter in the movie.
The movie revolves around the story of two separated brothers, one of whom is Tom Hardy, with the both of the brothers facing the fight of a lifetime.

The character of Hardy depicts the perfect storm of direct rage, and intrigues the audience since the first glimpse as the movie begins.
His performance makes the movie highly absorbing and captivates the audience even if they are not a fan of action movies.
Nevertheless, the physique that Tom Hardy developed for this role is astonishing and presents him as a threateningly hunched strong man.


2. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


The Dark Knight Rises (2012) on IMDb

After the huge success from The Dark Knight, comes another sequel to Batman, The Dark Knight Rises.
The movie was a blockbuster hit and smashed the box office with 96 percent positive reviews from the critics.
The undeniably amazing villain, Tom Hardy as Bane, is someone completely different from Joker, or all the other traditional villains.

The character of Bane is not a vague character, as there is a huge composition of organization to his ambitions, which is why he is a physical threat to Batman.
His character was rather imposing and evil than the Joker, as the Joker was much more interested in watching the world burn.
Hardy adapts himself pretty well to the distinct malevolence with his exaggerated and provoking speech patterns, with deep bass tones. He represents himself as the irresistible force that Batman has ever encountered.


1. Inception (2012)


Inception (2010) on IMDb

Starring next to Leonardo DiCaprio, the breakthrough appearance of Tom Hardy in Inception created a lot of excitement among the audience.
The movie was a dark summer blockbuster, in which Eames (Tom Hardy) gets the best lines to speak.
Hardy keeps up his image as the intense performer and due to his devotion and immersion in the roles that he is playing, even though his character is a sort of a comic turn to the dark intensity of the plot of the film.

Tom Hardy portrays the depth of the character, Eames; thus, representing the holistic attitude, intuitiveness, subjectivity, and the synthesizing approach of the character in a proficient manner.
This role is not the traditional or conventional Tom Hardy role, but he still secures the role efficiently.
Therefore, the comic touch that Hardy brings into his character is memorable, although, he was under a lot of stress during the filming sessions.


Finally, Tom Hardy is one of those celebrities who leave the past behind them and live for the present and tomorrow.
He had several issues in his past, which had a huge impact on his mental and physical health, and so he had to attend a rehab as well.
However, Hardy says that he basically started living his life to the fullest in his 30’s.
And Today, people know Tom Hardy for putting up with all he has into his characters.
The actor has been able to achieve fame all over the world for his brilliant adaptive acting skills, his muscular appearance, and the deep raspy voice.
Other than that, he has won many prestigious awards, which adds value to his career and life.


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