Tom Hardy catches thief after dramatic Hollywood-style chase through streets before proudly saying ‘I’ve caught the c***’

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  1. Sharon Rose says:

    What can I say he did the right thing.

  2. Claire Sandy says:

    He kicked ass and caught the theifing twat, what a real man should do. Good job done.

  3. Janey says:

    He must have just saw Red Well done Tom 007 got nothing on you This proves it. You got the part Id say Or should have xXx Good luck with it OK

  4. Brenda says:

    Who is Tom Hardy???Every older womans would be son.(only those without sons of course . or son-in-law) ?

  5. Susan Robinson says:

    He’s done a great job catching the little twat if there was more guys like tom the world would be a better place . I love you tom

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