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Hi Tech Security Solutions For Tom Hardy’s New Mansion

In 2013, Tom Hardy bought a £2 million house in Richmond, London. While we don’t know what security measures he took to protect it from intruders, we do know what people choose in general for such expensive houses. Let’s take a look at high end security systems that are perfect to protect houses worth millions of pounds.

Expensive video cameras

Video surveillance is the cornerstone of any home security system. The trend is to focus on high resolution, night vision, motion sensors, sound support and wide angles. Also, the more cameras, the better.

For example, a 240 fps 16-camera system with motion detectors and night vision provided by Automated Video Systems costs around $5k. Another interesting feature that people seek in video surveillance is remote control and the ability to monitor the cameras’ views in real time from any device that’s connected to the internet.


Retina scanners and fingerprint based access are usually associated with movies where skilled thieves try to steal very expensive art in less than 2 minutes. Still, this trend is moving from the business sector to the residential one. If you have a safe in a hidden room that nobody should enter, biometrics security comes in play. This technology allows access based on face recognition, retina scanning or fingerprints. This is where we’re headed at.

Indoor panic rooms

Panic rooms especially designed to be almost impenetrable gain popularity among millionaires. You can build a $1 million bunker that hosts and protects a wealthy family from natural disasters, bombings and intruders. You can add anything you can think off as long as you have the space and the money: a spa, a restaurant, an amphitheater, whatever you want. These go well with bullet proof doors and bomb proof walls. You can basically build a fortress of your own.

Upgraded lockstouchscreen deadbolt lock

Electronic locks make the direction this industry is taking. Forget about regular keys. You can open doors with keypads, Bluetooth, radio frequencies, and biometrics (which we discussed above). Nonetheless, these can be expensive and they’re hackable by people who do this for a living.

Mechanical locks will still protect your house effectively if you combine a good model with other security systems like an alarm and security cameras. Deadbolt locks provide maximum security on a door because there are no springs to operate the bolt. It’s operated manually with a key from the outside and with a turn button from the inside.

There also are double-cylinder deadbolts operated with a key on both the inside and the outside but they pose a danger in case of emergency if the key is not readily available. On the other hand, they offer increased security to glass doors because it prevents people from breaking the glass and unlocking the door from the inside.

Regardless of what type of mechanical lock you choose, always call professional locksmiths like the guys from to get the job done. You could start by visiting this website to take a look at their prices and range of services. They offer prompt delivery and installation of many different mechanical locks.

How To Keep Your Home Cinema Safe At Home

Chances are you've made a few sacrifices and most likely spent a truckload of money on your home cinema. Now you are doing all that you can to preserve it in top condition, struggling not to wear it out too soon. But can you imagine your home being broken into one evening while you are out having dinner, with all your expensive equipment stolen? It could happen in the blink of an eye, but luckily there are ways of preventing it. Needless to say other factors such as power outages could also influence the physical integrity of your system. Below you will discover a few clever solutions to prevent these issues from happening so you can enjoy your home cinema for as long as possible.

How To Protect Your Equipment From Power Surges

  • Make sure that your fragile speakers and the rest of your home cinema equipment are well protected against power surges.

  • Buy a power surge protector to avoid the overheating of your amplifiers, as well as the melting of your tweeters. You do not want to be looking at your fried gear in a rack. You can also opt for an more expensive alternative that will monitor the voltage and automatically disconnect power when the voltage is either too high or too low.

  • Also think about using an uninterruptible power supply for the front and rear projection systems. They rely on fans that successfully keep the lamps cool.

  • Proper ventilation is also essential, as it will prevent the equipment from operating at higher temperatures than intended.

Physical Safety For Your Home Cinema

  • since you will be storing your home cinema in your entertainment room or your living room, start by properly securing your home. Strengthen security on all access doors as well as all of our windows and do not ignore your sliding balcony or terrace doors.

  • Talk to a professional locksmith in your area and set up an appointment. Have them assess the state of your locks and let them recommend better alternatives, in case you are not yet using the most advanced locks possible. Add deadbolt locks to your existing sets of locks or install completely new locks – preferably commercial grade-1 or grade-2 deadbolt locks. If your budget allows you, install electronic locks that you can control with your smartphone (such as bluetooth enabled deadbolts) consider the rest of the available solutions: mortise locksets, door strikes, deadbolts with smartkeys and so on. Take a look at the Nationwide Locksmith company here and find out what they could do for you. They work at a national level, and they have a well-developed mobile team dispersed in all state, cities, and areas. They can reach any location within an estimate 20-minute time of response in case of an emergency signaled by calling (888) 254-5666.

  • A friendly and professional operator will answer your call and help you get all the details you need and set up a free estimate appointment. Licensed and insured locksmiths who are experienced will do a great job at installing, re-keying, or fixing any type of lock on the market, and even handle your home alarm problems.

  • Have well functioning locks on your windows as well and keep them locked and closed at all times. Use your A/C to regulate the temperature around the house instead of leaving your windows open during hot summer days and nights.

  • Install a surveillance system in your home cinema room and always enable your home alarm.