15 Times Tom Hardy Was A Gift To Humanity (And Our Eyes)

I’m not sure if someone would dare disagree with the fact that actor, Tom Hardy, is a beautiful specimen hand created by God. He’s also an excellent actor who has starred in some fantastic films alongside other super talented stars. He’s not about to stop now either, he’ll be starring in a new star-studded television series called Taboo, coming in 2017. It looks mighty promising and we are super excited to see Hardy showcase his acting chops on the series in the new year. He’ll also be starring in the highly anticipated WWII epic Dunkirk, directed by none other than Christopher Nolan. It’s not just his acting chops that have us swooning over him. He’s a wonderful, beautiful human being. He’s got a smile that will melt your heart from miles away and a body that will make you sweat. Here are 15 Times Tom Hardy Made Us Swoon

15. When He Snuggled A Dog

I’ll say it every time. A man who loves animals is a damn sexy man in my books. Some men are afraid to show their softer side. They don’t want to hurt their macho image, so they balk at the thought of cuddling a cute little animal. Thankfully, Tom is not like that. He’s happy to snuggle the fluff out of cute little dogs and he’s not afraid to show his soft side. He looks good doing it too. Vanity Fair even has a whole feature about Tom and his love of dogs. Now that’s some dedication to fluff and an admirable quality by all. It’s absolutely heart warming. Can we join in on the dog cuddling? It’ll be a group hug. It might be hard to decide whose cuter though; Tom or the dog? We can’t choose!

14. When He Played Mad Max In ‘Fury Road’

There’s no way you saw Mad Max: Fury Road in theatres and left not feeling supremely pumped. The ladies kicking ass, the entire movie was action packed, and you could literally taste the sand in your mouth. Also, Tom Hardy. He doesn’t say much in the movie, and he’s actually kind of a side character. Max is more of a vehicle for the kickass ladies in the movie and we’re fine with that. We loved him in it. Even though he said few words, he spoke volumes. It was the perfect role for Tom and we’re sure you’ve watched it again and again and found it just as good each time. And yes, secretly, you might have wanted to cage him up like in the photo above. Maybe just for an hour or two. With his consent of course!

13. When He Stole The Show

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super impressed with The Revenant. It seemed like a story that could have easily been told not from a white man’s perspective, but I digress. Everyone was raving about Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance and I mean, there wasn’t anything wrong with it – the grunting and growling were all real good – but I didn’t find it spectacular in comparison with Hardy’s performance. Hardy delivered in a dazzling way. Maybe it was because he had more lines, but I found watching him was more compelling. Again, maybe it’s because I just adore looking at his face. The rest of the film was lacklustre, aside from the beautiful scenery, so Hardy was the part that made it interesting for me. His character was the only thing that stood out. Again, probably because he’s hella sexy. Again, this is just me.

12. When He Played Twins

Um. TWO Tom Hardy’s!? Is someone pranking me!? And they’re bad dudes? I love it! I’m totally in! Once again, Hardy delivered a great performance, but I wasn’t paying attention to much of the movie. It dragged on and I was too fixated on his face(s) to bother with anything else. I was absolutely convinced by his portrayal of the two different brothers, he really did do a fantastic job. It’s a shame the film was so badly paced. They definitely picked the right actor for the job, though. He really goes for it. Ronnie is the unpleasant one and I was still fawning over him. They probably could have done a bit more with the makeup, though I know nothing about the real Kray twins to really decide what the best move would have been.

11. When He Played Bane

Listen Batman, there’s a new guy in town and you’ve been voted off the island. Bane for president! How can you not root for him? First off, he’s Tom Hardy. Second, look at that body. He could pick you up like you were a toothpick and carry you off to a romantic hotel room. Third, how can you not feel bad for him? Even just a little bit! Batman is kind of a whiny baby, at least in my books. Get over yourself, dude. Maybe if you had a bit more empathy you wouldn’t be having all the problems you have. Geez. Oh and fourth? That sexy voice. Is that a voicebox or something? Who cares, I like it! It’s kind of sensual. Sorry Batman, I’m rooting for the bad guy this time. Because he’s Tom Hardy.

10. When He Carried A Whole Movie Solo

If you have not yet seen this magnificent film, you must do so now. It’s called Locke and it should still be on Netflix. It’s the beautiful Tom Hardy in an SUV (I think) driving on the freeway. He gets a phone call (don’t worry it’s handsfree) and the whole film is him dealing with phone calls on the road. It’s much more interesting that how I just described it, it’s absolutely fantastic and you should go watch it immediately. It’s the perfect movie to watch on a chilly day or evening with some take-out. We all know he’s an excellent actor and this film really showcases his talents. It’s literally just him driving. It’s one big ball of anxiety building up. It’s a beautifully crafted film you never know you’d be interested in. 10/10 recommended.

9. When He Played In The Greatest Mini Series Of All Time

I’m starting to think this is a list of my top favorite film and tv series; Tom Hardy just happens to be in all of them. Nope, he just happens to be an amazing actor! I had actually forgotten he appeared in Band of Brothers! (Yes, it is the greatest mini series of all time and space.) He plays Janovec, who appears in just two episodes. The most memorable being, Why We Fight, where the company find a concentration camp that’s been abandoned. It’s an extremely difficult episode to watch and it has stuck with me ever since I’ve watched it. Even just to spot him in these two episodes, it’s worth watching the whole series over again. It’s masterfully done, no wonder this was one of his first roles.

8. When He Started Out In Black Hawk Down *Swoon*

His first movie role ever! What a lil’ cutie! His role isn’t huge but it was his first big screen role. It was in a big action war-drama too, so that’s pretty impressive, but not surprising after having done Band of Brothers. I remember seeing Black Hawk Down in theatres and I cannot for the life of me remember Tom Hardy in this film. I do remember, however, loving the shit out of it. After the movie, I did a drop and roll in the movie theatre alcove, like I was under fire; like a lunatic! Not remembering him means that I really have to re-watch it just to see his beautiful face again. That smile though, it’s just so disarming. Who needs guns and ammo? That thing is basically a freaking weapon. I surrender!

7. When He Infiltrated Our Dreams

Please, can we just have a moment. This movie. I can’t. Inception blew my mind. I literally remember nothing about this movie. NOTHING. Except, that Tom Hardy and other famous actors were in it. Also, I remember that it was about dreams and going into dreams and into dreams and into dreams and into dreams and into dreams….Ah! Was there even a plot to this movie? Because I don’t remember. Who cares, look at that face. It’s so damn handsome. It’s as if it was carved by ancient Gods. It’s literally perfect. You know when you look at a light that’s too bright, so you have to look away? That’s Tom Hardy’s face. I have to look away because I can’t handle how beautiful it is. Heavy sigh. Get out of my head.

6. When He Played The Sexiest Star Trek Villain Ever

Tom Hardy plays a good villain. He’s just so  sexy as a bad guy. In Star Trek: Nemesis, there’s also something about the chemistry between Shinzon (Tom Hardy’s character) and Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). It’s pretty great. And look, it’s not the best Star Trek movie, but I do quite enjoy seeing Hardy in the Star Trek world. Especially as the literal nemesis. I also like him in that sexy (leather? latex? spandex?) black suit. Clearly ready for action! And the bald head? It suits him. We can’t say no to Hardy when he has a nice beard and scruffiness, but this goes to show that he’s not only versatile in his acting, but in his looks too. What a guy! He can do anything. Skinny, buff, scruffy or bald. All perfect.

5. Comedy, Drama, He Can Literally Do It All

Tom Hardy usually plays in serious dramas. Mostly movies that find themselves winning awards in some way or another. He plays alongside actors who are well known and who may have won awards themselves. So it was refreshing to see him in This Means War, which was a super cute romantic comedy where he starred alongside Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine. How can you not love a movie where he vies for the affection of America’s sweetheart with handsome buddy, Chris Pine? It’s not an Oscar winner, obviously, but it’s a lighthearted movie that gives us a lot of great scenes with an adorable Hardy. And of course, we love Witherspoon. She’s always wonderful. After all the heavy stuff we’ve watched with Tom Hardy, it’s okay to take a break and laugh a little.

4. When His Face Through The Years Remained As Beautiful As Ever

Clearly he has stayed looking just as beautiful. In fact, it seems as though he’s gotten more handsome. Can this be my new screen saver? He looks like he’s aging like a fine wine, which is something we don’t often say about men. Women are the ones who tend to age well. But gosh darn, look at that face. He’s dropped the baby face and has developed a truly rugged exterior. I’ll also give an A+ to his current hairstyle. I do appreciate the development of the facial hair. 2007 was clearly a mistake though. I like the fuller beard. It’s sexy AF. It looks so manly. I want to put my face all over his face, don’t you? And he has got the cutest freaking ears I’ve ever seen in my life – just look at his 2012 picture! Perfect specimen.

3. When He Brought His Dog To An After Party

His dog is clearly his BFF and I appreciate this so much. I wish I could bring my dog everywhere I went! I am annoyed at the fact that I can’t bring my dog grocery shopping with me. She knows what she likes, ya’ll. The dog pictured is actually a rescue named Woodstock. In 2015, Tom began a campaign with PETA to promote animal adoption. What a stand up guy! But really, a celebrity that brings his rescue dog to an after party? This takes the cake. Can we adopt Tom Hardy? Because that’s just adorable. I’ll bet the dog is the life of the party – talk about a way to pick up the ladies. I always feel so guilty leaving my dogs to go to events or dinners. This is clearly the only solution. Thanks Tom! I’ll start doing this too! *starts getting uninvited to everything*

2. When We Saw His Selfies

If this really is an old MySpace photo… I’m dead. Look at that outfit. And the hand down the boxers move. This is so old school! Classic early Internet selfie. And he is somehow pulling it off! He looks GOOD. The orange and green looks great together, Tom. Real color matching skills. We’ll give you an applause for you there. And look at the Nike wrist cuff thing – so retro! I’m having total flashbacks. Also look how he’s got his shirt on, pulled back over his neck. This entire pose must have really taken some planning. (And probably a few shots to get the perfect angle.) Overall, nice job Tom. Nice job indeed. You could probably teach us a few things or two when it comes to how to hold a camera.

1. When He Did This

SWOON. This wink gets me every time. It’s deadly. I feel like he’s actually winking at me through the screen. He is, isn’t he? I KNEW IT. Good lord, it’s actually the perfect wink. Because it’s happening on Tom Hardy’s face. Look at that angel of a face. That perfect nose, those cute ears, those beautiful eyes winking at you. You’re in a dream and all your fantasies are coming true. You’re interviewing Tom Hardy about some film he’s been working on, it’s been a few minutes and he goes silent and winks at you. You look around to see if he’s winking at someone else. Maybe the camera man? No. It’s you he’s winking at! It’s really you! You wink back. Let’s do this.

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